Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 15 Apr 2014 13:02:16 GMT  <== Quote ==> 

"If there were a button I could push that would make the hearts of all the world's cops instantly explode, I'd definitely push it. Of course, nobody would be hurt; cops don't HAVE hearts." -- Bill St. Clair

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Emacs Key Bindings in Ubuntu 14.04

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 30 Mar 2014 01:32:02 GMT  <== Computers ==> 

I'm rather accustomed to having partial Emacs key bindings wherever I type text on my Mac. Strange that Ubuntu does that only in bash, by default (and, of course, Emacs itself). So I went googling for how to make it so, and found this at stackoverflow:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-key-theme "Emacs"

Worked like a charm. The per-user settings appear to be stored in ~/.config/dconf/user, which is some sort of binary database. Sigh. Unix used to be almost all text files. So much easier for us poor humans to grok that way.

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Ubuntu 14.04 (Tasty Tahr)

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 30 Mar 2014 00:56:43 GMT  <== Computers ==> 

Typing this in Chromium running under the final beta of Ubuntu 14.04 (Tasty Tahr) in a WMWare virtual machine on my iMac. This VM used to be 12.04. Had to upgrade to 12.10, then 13.10, then 14.04. Seems stable enough. Not much different looking from the 13.10 I run on my laptop. There doesn't seem to be an upgrade path yet from 12.04 server version, but I'll wait until 12.04.1 to upgrade my production servers.

The link below says that "do-release-upgrade -d" will work, and it did work from the desktop version of 13.10, but I didn't see any upgrade choices in 12.04 server. And I did "apt-get update" and "apt-get dist-upgrade" first.


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An Open Letter to the Legislatures of New Jersey and Rhode Island

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 20 Mar 2014 14:40:21 GMT  <== RKBA ==> 

Mike Vanderboegh warns legislators in NJ and RI of the risk they are taking of getting their skulls turned into soap dishes.

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OpenVPN for iOS!

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 15 Mar 2014 08:57:38 GMT  <== Computers ==> 

I was perusing the "Utilities" section of the AppStore today, where I found OpenVPN Connect, a full-featured OpenVPN client for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. I'm not currently using OpenVPN very much, but I've wanted this in the past. Nice to have it. Free. Makes it very easy to use the pay-as-you-go for-bandwidth-only VPN service from Private Tunnel (first 100MB free, $12 for 50GB, $20 for 100GB, $50 for 500GB), but supports any OpenVPN server.

OpenVPN icon
OpenVPN Connect

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Rural Nevada sheriff defends I-80 drugs stops

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Fri, 14 Mar 2014 08:59:41 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

Scott Sonner at MSN News - Asset forfeiture, armed robbery under color of law, has been going on for a long time, but it's good to see it get some mainstream coverage. Richard L. Miller's Drug Warriors and Their Prey, published in 1996, covered it in gory detail. Reading it made me spitting mad.

My take? Any pig who steals somebody's property without a proper indictment, trial, and conviction deserves to be shot dead at the scene of his intended crime.

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Amazon Prime Price Increase

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 13 Mar 2014 14:47:38 GMT  <== Entertainment ==> 

Just received the note below in email. The $20 increase was predicted, and their reason for it makes sense to me. That's 20 times $5 for slow shipping, and I like the two-day benefit, so I'll be renewing.

[amazon prime logo]

Dear Bill St. Clair,

We are writing to provide you advance notice that the price of your Prime membership will be increasing. The annual rate will be $99 when your membership renews on April 20, 2014.

Even as fuel and transportation costs have increased, the price of Prime has remained the same for nine years. Since 2005, the number of items eligible for unlimited free Two-Day Shipping has grown from one million to over 20 million. We also added unlimited access to over 40,000 movies and TV episodes with Prime Instant Video and a selection of over 500,000 books to borrow from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library.

For more information about your Prime membership, visit our Prime membership page.


The Amazon Prime Team

[amazon logo]

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New Hosting Service

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 11 Mar 2014 05:09:49 GMT  <== Webmaster stuff ==> 

I've been with hub.org for many years now. They're responsive, and I like that their servers are in Panama, but they've gotten quite expensive compared to other virtual hosting services. TMM has been hosted with DigitalOcean for quite a while. They're fast, inexpensive, and ultra-reliable. So instead of paying $350 to renew at hub.org for another year, I'm going to pay DigitalOcean $10/month.

If you sign up for a DigitalOcean account with the link in this post, or at the bottom of the page, I get $10 in their referral program.

You're reading this page on the new server. If you're in the US, I'll bet it's blindingly fast.

Proudly Hosted by DigitalOcean

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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 09 Mar 2014 12:32:44 GMT  <== Quote ==> 

"The job of the police is to make statute, the late-night wrangling of a gang of professional liars, appear to the brain-washed masses to have the same inexorable force of law as gravity." -- Bill St.Clair

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George Potter, RIP

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 08 Mar 2014 12:13:25 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

I just learned from posts on his Facebook page, that George Potter has died at the age of 41, from a sudden heart attack. I never met George in the flesh, but I loved his stories. Loved them enough to create a Glory Road archive.

George Potter

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