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10/23/2006 Archived Entry: "Good People"

Good People

Raving Reporter Thunder here.

Ever met someone and felt as if you'd known each other for a long time? I'm starting to notice that this is becoming quite commonplace at our TCF meet-ups. Lightning and I have attended several meet-ups and even hosted one ourselves this past weekend. At every single one, we've run into people that we got along with as if we'd all been friends for years. And, I don't think that this phenomenon is limited to just us. We've spoken to people that not only had the same feeling, but thought that everyone even LOOKED familiar. (Perhaps we're all on a post office wall somewhere big grin )

Maybe the closeness is due to finding people that one can not only relate with, but talk to. We don't always get the opportunity to share with other people our true feelings and ideas on a day to day basis and we welcome every chance that we can get. Add on top of that the idea that so many freedom loving individuals are also friendly, intelligent, and generous and you can easily see why we all get along so very well. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, but they are exactly that: exceptions.

If you haven't attended a meet-up yet, I highly encourage you to do so. You'll never meet a greater bunch of folks.

Posted by Thunder @ 11:16 AM CST

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