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01/01/2004 Archived Entry: "I'm guilty of malicious misrepresentation!"

I'M GUILTY OF MALICIOUS MISREPRESENTATION! So says We the People, in response to my 12/19 blog entry.

But fact: They did promote their conference using the names of "invited speakers" who hadn't given consent or even shown any interest in accepting the invitation. Fact: Some speakers never even knew (until told by friends) that WTP was using them to promote the conference. Fact: It's shockingly unethical to use the names of prominent people for promotional purposes without their consent. Fact: When asked by some speakers to remove their names from the conference agenda, WTP was (to say the least) slow to comply.

My heavens, weeks after Aaron Zelman asked them to cease and desist and 13 days after I twitted them for doing it, they're still listing Aaron this morning as a confirmed speaker at a Second-Amendment panel. (Should they pull or edit that article, here's today's archived version of it.) (And folks, if you don't want to change your original article, there aresuch things as retractions and notices of correction.)

But you want to see something really funny? Here's an indignant protest from one of the conference organizers, all het up because another event organizer did exactly the same thing to them!

LOL, you'll just have to pardon me if I don't grovelingly apologize to the promoters of the "Give Me Liberty" conference for my "misrepresentation."

(And thank you to the conference "speakers" who sent me the above links. These "speakers" are Not Happy Campers in WTP Land -- and if you paid good money to see them, forget it. They are NOT going to be there. BTW, I wish no ill to any sincere person in the freedom movement, even when I disagree with them or they with me on issues. But sincere people don't have to resort to deceptive and unethical tactics to bring people to their cause.)

Posted by Claire @ 10:24 AM CST

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