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01/27/2007 Archived Entry: "Another victim"

Another victim of the War on Drugs

Raving Reporter Thunder here.

I haven't blogged about this before, but I have spoken about it publicly on TCF. First, a little background. My step-mother has been battling stomach/colon cancer for about 2 years. She did the chemo thing and we thought she'd beaten it last August as tests came back clean. She eventually winds up back in the hospital and this time they tell her that there's nothing they can do except make her comfortable until she dies. The cancer is just too aggressive and chemo won't do a thing to stop it.

My step-mom is still with us, but is seemingly hanging on by a string. She had signed a DNR stating no nourishment (due to her pretty much having no stomach now and she can't keep anything down). She has had no food since December 27th, not even intravenously. Just saline to keep her hydrated.

I wish I could suggest medical marijuana to my step-mom to help both with pain cessation and to suppress the nausea, but she's been so brain-washed by the state, that she even told the doctor that she didn't want morphine because she was afraid she'd get addicted to it. He eventually convinced her to not worry about it, but how bad is the propaganda when a woman that has no chance of living past a couple months is afraid of becoming addicted?

Never thought I'd say it, but my step-mom is a victim of the War on Drugs.

Posted by Thunder @ 07:26 PM CST

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