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08/31/2005 Archived Entry: "Why "good" government deserves more criticism than "bad" government"

WITH GOVERNMENT HEROICALLY RIDING IN TO RESCUE people from the consequences of government mismanagement of a natural event, this seems an apropos time to note an outstanding observation by one of Gandhi's chief disciples:

There is no need for me to protest against the government’s faults, it is against its good deeds that my protests are needed. I have to tell the people what sheep they are. Is it a matter of rejoicing if you all turn into sheep and tell me how well the shepherds look after you? What am I to say? It seems to me that it would be better if the shepherds neglected their duty. The sheep would then, at least, realize that they are sheep. They might then come to their senses and remember that they are, after all, not sheep but men, men capable of managing their own affairs.

(Another thank you to Dave Gross of The Picket Line. A longer version of this quote appears in his August 28, 2005 entry.)

Posted by Claire @ 04:35 PM CST

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