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10/29/2003 Archived Entry: "Simon Jester in the air?"

SIMON JESTER IN THE AIR? WorldNetDaily linked to these reports from CNN and from the Associated Press about more box cutters being found on airplanes. A passenger in Philadelphia discovered one in a seat-back pouch, and a flight crew found another during a routine inspection of an aircraft that had just flown into Boston.

Hmmm. Is Simon Jester loose in America's skies? Are Americans saying a big "F U" to the Keystone Kops of the TSA? Has the humble box cutter become the burning draft card or the Jarbridge shovel of twenty-first century protest against stupid, brutal authority?

Are crowds of little Hogan's Heroes flitting across American skies, leaving box cutters behind to twit the comico-Nazis who pomp and posture and threaten -- while totally failing to secure the Stalag 13 of our airports?

A box cutter is only a box cutter. Evil minds and disarmed victims made it a weapon. Could clever minds and rowdy Americans be turning it into a freeform, individual, flying protest against Police State Amerika?

Posted by Claire @ 02:19 PM CST

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