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05/09/2004 Archived Entry: "Firefly Amazon link"

I SCREWED UP! In last Tuesday's exultant rant about the Firefly DVD collection, I had a link to Firefly on Amazon.com. Several people were thoughtful enough to buy DVDs through that link. (Thank you, guys!) Only thing is ... I made the link wrong. So the orders worked fine, but Wolfesblog wasn't credited with the purchases. Mea culpa (she says beating herself about the head and shoulders with an ethernet cable).

Tell you what. Enjoy your Firefly DVDs. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Then when you loan them to your best friend, or your cousin, or your little brother, or your Mom, or your ex-wife -- and you don't get them back -- because there's a good probability you won't get them back -- then you can buy your replacement set here, okay?

Posted by Claire @ 02:29 PM CST

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