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07/13/2007 Archived Entry: "Encounter on a bus"

I'M SORRY FOR NOT BLOGGING MUCH LATELY. And I see the other blogistas are in a similar mood. Can't speak for them, but I haven't been reading the news (aka blog-fodder) and I have been working with an associate on a large, potentially important freedom project -- a project that's been nearly a year in the works and is only now truly coming into form. It takes all my writing energy.

But mostly, I haven't been blogging because I've been living. Getting spring and summer projects done. Enjoying the rare sunshine. Sharing time with friends. Delving more deeply into freedom, but in ways that don't lend themselves to a few paragraphs of bright banter.

The headlines no longer move me. And those things that do move me don't translate well into bloggery. This afternoon I was on a bus, riding back from a nearby town, when a tiny, ancient woman hobbled up the steps and fumbled in her bag for her bus pass. At least, I thought she was ancient at first. She was as hunched as a fairytale dwarf and leaned on a four-legged cane. Her legs were like the legs of a crane or heron -- straight, skinny, with no definition or muscle mass at all. I could have nearly encircled her thighs with the fingers of one hand. Only when I looked at her more closely did I realize she could have been ancient -- or could have been younger than me.

She sat down in the seat nearest the driver and said to him, in her bird-like croak, "I learned on the second that I have only a couple more months to live." The driver mumbled non-committally and the crone began to chat matter-of-factly about the weather.

How do you blog about something like that? It's more important than politics. But what do you say?

Posted by Claire @ 05:11 PM CST

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