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09/17/2004 Archived Entry: "Teacher "detained" and charged for carrying ... a bookmark"

TEACHER HANDCUFFED, ARRESTED, AND CHARGED ... oh, excuse me, I mean "detained," for carrying a concealed weapon and trying to board a plane with it. You thought those nail-clipper terrorists and Medal of Honor muggers were evil people? You were horrified by the chutzpah of knitting-needle gangstas and mother's milk scofflaws? Well, you ain't seen nothin' until you've looked eye to (weeping) eye with ... a bookmark toter.

Yes, can you believe the depravity? Daring to attempt to sneak a deadly bookmark onto a plane full of innocent passengers? Thank god the Bold TSA stands between us and such monsters!

I especially appreciate the TSA rules called to my attention by gtrplr (one of three people who knew I'd have to see this article):

According to the TSA's official prohibited items list, anyone who brings any banned item to a screening checkpoint, even accidentally, may be criminally or civilly prosecuted. Even items that are not specifically listed, but could be considered dangerous, are illegal.

(Better cut your fists off and dig your brain out of your skull before you fly again.)

Posted by Claire @ 06:31 PM CST

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