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09/17/2004 Archived Entry: "Been looking for that affordable .50 BMG?"


Blogispondent Ian checking in. As you may have seen, Governator Ah-nold signed into law a ban on .50 BMG rifles in California. Inmates of that state now have until January 1, 2005 to buy a .50 if they want a legal one (alas, all the existing ones will have to be registered with the state to remain legal).

Thanks to the folks at Serbu Firearms, Inc, this can be an opportunity for everyone outside California. They make the very nice BFG-50 rifle (which you may remember from Claire's report from the 2003 LRT Conclave), and are trying to flood California with as many as possible before the ban, out of spite for the new law. The rifles are regularly $2195, but for the time being they are offering several ways to make that price easier to meet. You can put one on layaway, or purchase a complete receiver for $1000, to be built into a complete rifle within a year for the remainder of the cost. Apparently they are also working to bring a low-cost version to the market in time to beat the California ban.

If you've been looking for an excuse/opportunity to pick up a real behemoth of a rifle, now's a great time to do it.

Posted by Ian @ 10:54 AM CST

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