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02/01/2007 Archived Entry: "Forums down/Celata to court tomorrow"

YES, I KNOW THE FORUMS ARE DOWN. Both the main TCFTalk site and our SSL access are 404 at the moment.

I've emailed our tech genius, Bill St. Clair. Crossing fingers for both answers and cures. (Let's hope we don't have to call on Plinker-MS once again to provide us a temporary home.)

Meantime, here's something to read (pdf). It's the brand new brief in support of Richard Celata's motion to dismiss -- I'm actually embarrassed to say this -- embarrassed for the state of our country -- the federal government's suit against his personal property.

The brief is very clearly written. Nice job there, lawyers! Most of its arguments to dismiss are on technical grounds. But one's quite interesting: Celata and his lawyers are making an intriguing case that the fedgov's very definition of "firearm" is so vague as to render it legally void.

They filed the brief today and they go to court to ask for dismissal tomorrow. Wish 'em luck.

FOLLOWUP: Bill says all of Ft. Lauderdale, FL (where our forums are hosted) is off the Internet right now. Severe weather. Tornado watch, even. Yikes. This outage is also affectng our SSL access. We do -- thanks to Bill -- have backup forums hosted in another state. But if we use the backup, we lose everything that's been posted since Wednesday night. So Bill suggests, and I agree, waiting 'til Friday morning to see if poor old Ft. Lauderdale comes back online.

Posted by Claire @ 09:34 PM CST

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