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10/22/2003 Archived Entry: "Hardyville returns!"

RETURN TO HARDYVILLE. Why didn't somebody think of this earlier? Hardyville, the little mid-nowhere town of cussed spirits and independent lives, is being "rebuilt" at Backwoods Home magazine online. They've started off with one of the "classic" columns, "Movin' to Hardyville." On November 1, they'll post notice of "The Law in Hardyville." (That was one of the most popular original WorldNetDaily columns, which I wrote with help from Charles "I-Am-Not-a-Lawyer" Curley).

Starting November 15 and continuing twice a month, all-new Hardyville columns will appear. All new, but with the same crotchety souls -- Nat Lyons the old cowboy, Dora-the-Exile-from-Yale, the Young Curmudgeon, Carty the Marine, Bob-the-Nerd, and Grouchy over at the guns-and-liquor store.

Once again, you can eat (if your stomach will handle it) at the Hog Trough Grill and Feed, visit the town's one unattractive tourist attraction, watch the stoplight change, and enjoy the local sport of running politicians and do-gooders out of town with cactus needles in their butts.

If you've never visited Hardyville, you can check out Hardyville politics and culture via Debra's Claire Files archives.

Posted by Claire @ 09:28 AM CST

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