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02/05/2007 Archived Entry: "SuperBowl TV commercials"

BEING SANS TV, I used to miss seeing the SuperBowl. Not for the game (snooooooze). But for the commericials. Oh, bless you, YouTube; the best part of the SuperBowl is now so easy to find. I loved "Moon Office" (despite the slight exaggeration of the laws of physics). But of course, for many reasons the Budweiser Dalmation ... er, spot is the winner in my book.

The Garmin "map monster" was a hoot. Coke's dream factory was lovely. The Kevin Federline satire was damn funny (though since I can't remember the advertiser it's hard to call it a great commercial). Emerald Nuts's spot with Robert Goulet takes the prize for just-plain-weird.

I was disappointed in a bunch of others. I know SuperBowl spots are expensive. But the really great, great SuperBowl commercials aren't 30 seconds or less. Love the long ones that tell a story like that Bud tale of the sad little non-Dalmation.

Posted by Claire @ 03:03 PM CST

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