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02/05/2007 Archived Entry: "Rational Review News soon to be back online"

IF YOU'VE BEEN WONDERING WHERE RATIONAL REVIEW NEWS HAS GONE ... don't worry. With some luck, it'll be back tomorrow at its usual URL. Belatedly, you can still read today's RR News via the version published on the ISIL site.

The short version of the tale of RR News' disappearance over the last several days is: server problems. The longer version is: unresponsive customer service on a new hosting site. I just heard this from Mary Lou Seymour, who passed along a lengthy explanation from publisher Tom Knapp.

Because of "account suspended" messages on the RRN site, some people have jumped to the conclusion this situation involves unpaid bills. Rest assured, ML and Tom say that's not the case. Purely, though maddeningly, technical troubles.

RR News come home! We miss you.

Posted by Claire @ 08:58 PM CST

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