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05/24/2004 Archived Entry: "A Christian state -- not likely"

SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE SENT COPIES of this article this morning that I'm finally yielding to their belief that it's important. Hm. So fed-up Christians want to negotiate a secession with the fedgov so they can have a whole state (South Carolina) to run as a theocracy? I can understand them being mad about some -- heck, a lot of -- recent social & legal developments. But they're mad in the other sense of the word if they imagine the D.C.-crats will allow them to secede from the union. Er ... didn't SC already try that 150 years or so ago, when the fedgov was a little less big, less mean, and less dependent on tax revenues from the states? Didn't work out quite so well, as I recall.

It is interesting, though, that so many people are getting the separatist, secessionist idea all at once. Small though the numbers may be, the frustration driving them is palpable. I wonder if Bush and Company -- or for that matter Clinton, McCain, Lott, Kennedy and Company -- understand the message American mine canaries are sending them? That "the system" is broken beyond all fixing.

Posted by Claire @ 12:48 PM CST

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