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05/24/2004 Archived Entry: "Jeff "Hunter" Jordan case moved"


"I just got a call from my lawyer, and they are moving my appearance to Wednesday at 3 PM at the Municipal court."

The Municipal Court only handles misdemeanors, so apparently the felony charge is dropped or bargained down.

On the other hand, abruptly shifting the date forward at the last minute looks like a blatant attempt to short circuit the travel plans of those supporters of Mr. Jordan who had arranged time off work for the Thursday trial. I'd say that Mr. DeSanto is extremely worried about publicity.

Maybe he's afraid someone will ask publicly why the authorities have kept Mr. Jordan's property which had nothing to do with the charge: a limited edition collector's item, and nice laptop computer...

Hunter's trial is this week in Ashland, Ohio.

Posted by Claire @ 06:47 PM CST

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