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12/15/2004 Archived Entry: "The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel by L. Neil Smith and Scott Bieser"

GOT MY COPY OF THE PROBABILITY BROACH: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL today. What a beauty! L. Neil Smith and Scott Bieser's 185-page, full-color re-telling of Neil's first (and best) novel was just meant to be.

In case you've missed it, The Probability Broach tells the story of Denver homicide detective Edward William "Win" Bear who finds himself blown (literally) from a world of crime, shortages, and too much government into an alternative world where wheelless cars cruise over grass roads and dolphins, humans, and other primates all work together. And where everybody -- absolutely everybody, down to the last chimp and child -- bears arms. There is no Denver. There are no police. But there is a twin Edward William Bear. And plenty of freedom. The government, such as it is, is a distant and very different thing than our all-consuming state. Still, there's also a sudden spate of violent crime, which the two Detective Bears and their cohorts must combine to solve.

This story (which combines philosophy and alternative history with a lot of booming action) just cries out for exactly the treatment the very talented Scott Bieser has given it. Gorgeous illustrations, most in traditional comic-book style, plus a few really cool hallucinatory effects in a scene where Win wakes up after an attack. Neil and Scott have done a great job adapting the tale.

Get your copy directly from BigHead Press. (I get no referral fees from purchases of the book. But if you look really, really, really, really, almost microscopically close, you might notice that I did get a mention, along with a handful of other Friends of Neil and Friends of Liberty.)

Posted by Claire @ 11:34 AM CST

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