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09/03/2005 Archived Entry: "U.S. expands (but delays) passport requirements"

THE FEDGOV HAS PUSHED BACK THE DATES for implementation of its new requirement that everyone have a passport before being "allowed" into Canada or the Caribbean or back into the U.S. But only so that they can develop a cheaper and more widely-used alternative biometric document (read: your drivers license) for those who don't have $97 to spend on a passport.

Very circular, this logic. And let's not forget that the now ubiquitous passport was first developed and put into use by some of the nastiest paranoid control states. The notion that governments have the authority to supervise and authorize their own citizens' motions isn't exactly something Jefferson or Thomas Paine would have celebrated.

Oh, but it's to "stop terrorism." So it must be okay.

(Thanks to SJ for the lead.)

Posted by Claire @ 07:50 AM CST

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