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09/02/2005 Archived Entry: "Government priorities in New Orleans"

THIS IS A CONVOY OF LAW ENFORCEMENT VEHICLES with Texas plates. They've just arrived in New Orleans. WoggleBug, who sent me to this site, asks, "There to help?" Then he answers his own question. "No. To 'protect' federal buildings."

There are many more photos at this site taken by a businessman who has remained in the city trying to keep his operations going and his customers online. While they don't have the drama of the panoramic flood photos the media have been showing, they do give an idea of how people are coping with the chaos -- and what the priority of government is. (Another photo shows police driving around with their firearms sticking out of their windows.) The priority of government is to protect government.

"The policeman is your friend."

Posted by Claire @ 06:23 PM CST

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