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03/22/2004 Archived Entry: ""Homeland security" on the schoolbus"

AT FIRST IT SEEMED LIKE JUST ANOTHER LOCAL BIG BROTHER SCHEME. A Florida school district wants to fingerprint all kids and force them to give their thumb before being allowed on a schoolbus. Two million bucks to solve a non-existent problem. Conditioning kids to be good little ants in the nest, good little workers in the hive. So what else is new? Fingerprinting and tracking the government-school kiddies seems to be a bigger craze than Hula Hoops, Furbies, or body piercings ever were. It's not even news any more. But something kept me reading and of course, there's the kicker:

Superintendent Howard Hinesely said the district also plans to apply for a federal Homeland Security grant that could reimburse some of the cost.

Home-effing-land Security. It's good for prosecuting Las Vegas strippers. It's good for turning our kidlets into person-units in the inventory of the corporate state. Is there anything it isn't good for (other than freedom, of course)? All those gov-o-crats who spent the last 20 or 30 years snickering behind their hands over the tricks they were able to pull off in the name of the War on Drugs ... well, they were just amateurs, dilettantes. They were totally lacking in grand vision, those guys.

Homeland Security: Power only Orwell or Hitler could begin to dream of.

Posted by Claire @ 09:15 PM CST

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