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03/23/2004 Archived Entry: "Lisa Dean as TSA privacy officer????"

LISA DEAN AS TSA PRIVACY OFFICER????? I justabout swallowed my dentures at that news. Dean has long been one of the nation's most vocal privacy advocates, first with the Free Congress Foundation, then with the Electronic Frontier Foundation. She has adamantly opposed everything from national ID cards to the U.S.A.-Visit fingerprinting program.

Her match with the TSA can't work. Absolutely can't. There's simply no way even SuperWoman could ensure that abominations like CAPPS II contain "privacy protections." They're privacy-stealing horrors right from their inception. Only two things can happen here. Either Dean remains seriously committed to privacy and she's out of there after six months of total head-banging frustration or she stays and sells out by "softening" -- and thereby making more acceptable -- programs that don't belong in any free country.

Which will it be? Oh, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, please don't sell us out!

The only way she could serve either freedom or privacy in that position is if she manages to completely kill CAPPS II, then goes to work getting rid of the airport Gestapo Gauntlet. Good luck ...

Posted by Claire @ 11:05 AM CST

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