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12/28/2006 Archived Entry: "Penguinsscareme: New blogista joins Wolfesblog"

WELL, NOW THIS IS WHAT A LIKE IN A BLOGISTA. Enthusiasm. Today, I pulled off a coup -- or rather it would be more accurate to say that Thunder, Debra, and I pulled off a successful conspiracy -- and persuaded Andrew Wiegand (aka penguinsscareme) to join the Wolfesblogistas.

I was idling along thinking of how to introduce him when he jumped right in and introduced himself. And posted useful information, besides.

If you enjoy the Claire Files Forums, you know Andrew as TCF's storyteller supreme. His tales of the adventures, sorrows, and joys of his family have figured prominently in Best of TCF compilations. He is notorious honored as the man who danced a rude driver into shame and who did ... well, something (I have never been quite sure what) to the entire city of Fresno, not to mention the space-time continuum.

Many people have been trying to get Andrew to sit down and write "for serious." Well, Andrew. I don't care whether you write "for serious" or for fun. But I think I can speak for the whole Blogista crew when I saw we're glad to have you writing with us.

Posted by Claire @ 08:06 PM CST

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