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12/29/2006 Archived Entry: "Celata case in the news"

CELATA CASE IN THE NEWS. No new developments, but an interesting article on several counts.

Check this out:

Celata told a witness cooperating with government agents who were posing as buyers that people liked his products because they could get a gun without the government knowing about it.

Celata also boasted about thwarting government officials on talk radio shows, according to court records.

Uh ... since when does that constitute evidence of a crime? Last I checked, getting an 80 percent kit and building a gun at home "without the government knowing" is perfectly legal. And thwarting government officials is not merely legal when said government officials violate the Bill of Rights, but a darned good idea.

Looks like the ATF and FBI just decided Celata was the one nail sticking up and they decided to pound him down.

Posted by Claire @ 07:38 PM CST

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