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12/28/2006 Archived Entry: "First Entry"

Well hi! I'm the new kid in town. My given name is Andrew, but I'm better known as PSM around Claire, et al. You know, I could take this natural opportunity to describe myself, give some background, talk about my pleasures and peeves. But I'm like one of those jokes you know but can never tell right. So rather than mess up the punch line, I'll just, uh, I'll just...

Oh hey look, a fascinating story, right up ahead!

I find the idea of people running their diesel-powered vehicles on waste cooking oil fascinating. I wanted to jump on that bandwagon and start tinkering with ideas, but it turns out there are already some folks who know pretty well what they're doing, and I just couldn't improve significantly on their solutions. Educational, but frustrating.

Then I had the brilliant idea to use wvo (waste veggie oil) for home heating oil! Well, turns out I'm not the only one to have thought of that, either. There are a handful of good sites for converting a regular home furnace to run on wvo. But it's a pretty tricky conversion, and what works for Joe Smith on Tuesday in Erie might not work for Bill Johnson on Saturday in Fresno. Ah, now I was happy. I was sure I could come up with some ideas to simplify and standardize existing designs.

But then I ran into this jerk.

Not only is this a great design, it's clearly illustrated and explained. Its beauty is its very simplicity. Aside from adding forced induction, fins, and maybe a water jacket, I don't know what could be done to improve it. I'm sure I would have thought of something just as clever, though. Eventually. Thanks a lot, Roger.

Posted by Penguinsscareme @ 07:35 PM CST

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