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08/26/2005 Archived Entry: "TCF still down -- join us in the TCF Refugee Shelter"

THE CLAIRE FILES FORUMS are still down, with no word on when they'll be back up. Thank heaven Plinker-MS has built the TCF Refugee Shelter, where a battered handful of survivors has been huddled this week.

We're also talking very actively about ways to prevent TCF's database death from happening again. The best solution: mirroring the discussion in real time on a second server. Now that would be fantastic. The more easily doable solution: a nightly backup. A good solution will raise costs (which have so far all been borne by Elias Alias of The Mental Militia. But Debra and I already received one very, very generous donation toward the cause yesterday (Thank you, ET!) and several other folks have offered, as well.

No need to send donations now (uh ... unless you just happen to feel like it on general principles ...). But we're going to work on several failsafes.

We don't know at this point (or at least I don't know) what, if any, data may have been lost. We've had these errors before with no serious loss. So keep fingers crossed. And know that TCF will rise again!

In the meantime, I'm creeping back into the refugee shelter.

Posted by Claire @ 09:41 AM CST

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