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12/21/2005 Archived Entry: "Citizen snoops get access to law enforcement database"

OH BROTHER. AS IF SALARIED SNOOPS AND PARANOIDS WEREN'T BAD ENOUGH, some citizens -- "nominated by police" -- are now being given access to a law enforcement database. Do anything "suspicious" around these busybodies with Cracker Jack cop badges and into the database it goes.

Heyhey, peeking through a knothole in the fence and gossiping about you to the neighbors just isn't high-tech enough these days!

You might be tempted to be glad that this is a state (Tennessee) effort. Don't give in to that temptation. Like so much else in American life these days, the initiative, support, and supervision is all federal. (Coming soon to a state near you!)

Below, I'm also printing a letter to the editor (Do blogs get leditors? Do blogs have editors? Be that as it may ...) that was sent to me this morning. The same letter was also sent to WorldNetDaily. It'll be interesting to see whether Farah and company print it. I have memories similar to those of the writer -- specifically of being told that the midnight knock on the door and the "papers please" checkpoints were hallmarks of America's enemies. They were everything Americans fought against.


"A war to the death."

Being 47 years old, I still remember hiding under my desk in grade school during mock nuclear attacks by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics of Russia. I remember all to well the stories of KGB agents snooping on their citizens, invading their citizens homes late at night for questioning the authority of the "state," whether real or imagined, dragging citizens out of their homes and sending them to the gulags to be compelled to confess to their alleged "crimes." Millions were simply just killed as "enemies of the state." I remember the stories of how their citizens were routinely stopped at security check points, or just simply walking down the street and being compelled to show their "papers" and being searched. All this, and more, in the name of "state security." I remember perfectly clear, being told over and over again, that because of all this, this was the reason why we were fighting the "Cold War" against the communists.

My, how things have changed. We have become an image of our old adversaries. In the name of "state security." In the name of "freedom." In the name of "liberty." In the name of "safety." In the name of the "Homeland." In the name of "protecting the citizens." In the name of the "STATE." Destroying what last refuge is left of our Constitution.... in order to save it?

Besides the liberties and freedoms that have been stolen from us since the "Civil War" (2nd American Revolution), more damage has been done to our Constitution in the past 4 years, than in all of my 47.

When I see the last refuge of my Constitution being delegated to nothing more than "....just a g-damned piece of paper," then I know that absolute despotism is just over the horizon. I know, and history proves, that the more liberties and freedoms that are taken away by the powers that be, the more they will keep on taking, until nothing is left but the state dictating and intruding into every facet of our lives. And history proves, that those who will resist, will be sent to the "gulags" or simply.... disappear.

So Mr. President, so Congress, so Senate, so TSA, so DOD, so Dept. of Homeland Security, so NSA, so all the other various ABC agencies of the federal government and all state and local agencies feeding on the federal teats destroying the last vestige of our Constitution, eat this....

The time will come when that famous quote by the father of our Declaration of Independence shall come alive and become the rallying cry of Patriots who yearn to reclaim their rights, their lives, their liberty and their pursuit of happiness, unfettered by the yokes that you have placed upon us. Intruding wnere you ought not.

And if this be treason.... if this be sedition.... then so be it!

Better Red than dead?


Better in the company of men who gave us our Republic, than be reduced under absolute despotism.

Curtis Cope
Victorville, California

(Thank you to SL.)

Posted by Claire @ 09:05 AM CST

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