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10/06/2003 Archived Entry: ""Therapy Culture and Counterculture""

"THERAPY CULTURE AND COUNTERCULTURE." Thought provoking column by Lee McCracken at Strike-the-Root.com.

Utopia imposed by force? As wrongheaded as that notion always was, it was a vision that appealed to strong people who saw themselves as able to achieve great things. How out of tune with today! Now paradise (for the state!) lies in persuading us of our fragility, emotional as well as physical. The end is the same: control by the masters of the game. Perhaps the best part of McCracken's column comes at the end, when he suggests that we freedom lovers are, or should become, a true counterculture with a independent enough identity to withstand the whimper culture that threatens to engulf us.

Posted by Claire @ 08:07 AM CST

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