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06/17/2006 Archived Entry: "Reefer Madness for Guns"

YOU'D THINK A MOVIE ENTITLED BILL'S GUN SHOP must have some redeeming value.

You'd be wrong.

I rented this alleged "action-packed drama" this weekend, and found it the most unintentionally hysterical film I've seen in a while -- the Reefer Madness of gun movies. If Michael Moore and Diane Feinstein had a child who went to film school, this would be his senior project.

With hand-wringing intensity, the film follows the adventures of 23-year old Dillon. Brainwashed from a childhood filled with toy guns and violent movies, this otherwise-nice kid is obsessed with (gasp!) firearms. When he's hired on at Bill's Gun Shop, he is predictably pulled into the dark, chaotic world of the reefer den gun culture.

Stereotypes dripping of propaganda abound:

The situations in which the characters find themselves are equally absurd (e.g. after waiting months, Dillon receives word of his being hired at the gun store with the same awe-struck excitement with which you or I might receive notice of a Nobel Prize nomination).

Again, I need to reiterate that this movie is intended to be serious, but its fanatical, shriekingly-obvious anti-gun stance merely makes it ludicrous instead. If you're a fan of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, you'll appreciate just how appallingly bad Bill's Gun Shop is.


Amateur Night at MST3K - (note: you need to be familiar with Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical for this to work). Try to insert song lyrics and lines of dialog from RM:TMM into Bill's Gun Shop. It's surprisingly easy. For example, when the neo-Nazi starts talking about blacks, try to work in the phrase, "weed-blowing, ginger-colored lot." When Bill offers Dillon his first pistol (with ominous music playing in the background), you can start singing, "Take a toke of t-stick, take a toke of t-stick..."

The Bill's Gun Shop Drinking Game

Take a drink when:

Bonus: Three drinks when a death occurs as a result of a firearm sold in Bill's shop

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