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06/19/2006 Archived Entry: "Dream messages in the year of silence"

THIS WEEK MARKS THE MIDWAY POINT OF MY YEAR OF SILENCE. It's weird. I don't blog as much as I'd like about it because I fear I'll sound hopelessly airy-fairy. Yet the deeper I go, the more I feel that this path is one extremely practical road to freedom. It's just at a deeper level of practicality. Or perhaps practicality viewed through a different lens.

Last week, for example, a client asked me to do something that, on the surface, seemed eminently sensible. A fine compromise that could meet both his needs and my own. I came within half an inch of giving an automatic yes, then something made me change to, "I'll think about it."

I did. During daylight his proposal appeared sensible indeed. Yeah. I'll do it. Why not. Then I had two dreams in which voices shouted at me -- screamed at me -- not to go that route. I told the client no. I told him why, which undoubtedly left him thinking I'm losing my mind. My only reason is unreasonable. Professionals don't turn down clients because of some bliss-ninny non-reason like, "My dreams warned me."

But I figure my dreamself has more facts and connections at its spectral little fingers than my mere conscious mind possesses. Sleeping me -- that vastly complex organic computer -- knows more than waking me about the ins and outs of the situation.

Anyway, I hope to have more this week on where the year and this path are going.

Posted by Claire @ 11:25 AM CST

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