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07/09/2004 Archived Entry: "Patriot Act Section 215 still stands"

ANOTHER ATTEMPT TO KILL THE ODIOUS SECTION 215 of the odious Patriot Act collapsed yesterday in the House. R leadership held the vote open an extra three hours while they arm-twisted congresscritters into changing their votes. So the feds go on having the authority to check library and bookstore records unhindered by such 18th-century anachronisms as warrants or subpoenas.

Thank God Our Beloved Government is saving us from those awful terrorists who want to take our freedom, eh?

Moments like this I recall fondly Patty Neill's tongue-in-cheek rant "ID Tracking Number for All 'Public Servants.'" (And oh, Patty, how we still miss you.)

Yeah, it's on a slightly different topic. But the main point is still the same. Any congressrat who votes to make all of our activities transparent to anybody with a badge ought to be willing, first, to open up his or her records to us. You think "public servants" have a right to know what we buy, read, and support, where we travel, and who we associate with without a warrant -- just because some criminal somewhere might order a pizza or use a public library? Then clearly We the People have a right to know exactly the same about you.

Comon, Congressladies and Congressgentlemen. Let us see your bank records, your personal library, your credit card history, your home address and phone number, your mistress' address, the secret support payments you pay for that out-of-wedlock child your campaign volunteer had, the phone numbers of the lobbyists who call you and the records of the perks they buy you. Let's strip your privacy bare and see every last detail of your life, down to the brand of toilet paper you wipe your federal ass with.

And then, maybe, we'll believe you're sincere when you vote to open our records just because a "terrorist" might read the same books we do.

Posted by Claire @ 10:09 AM CST

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