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06/12/2007 Archived Entry: "SSA wants to link to State Department data"

A LITTLE MOLE WHISPERED THIS INTO MY EAR. The Social Security Administration is hoping -- and in the early stages of planning -- to get electronic access to the State Department's passport database. They expect to have an internal report within weeks on the feasibility of this latest snoopscheme.

Don't think that sounds like any big deal? The SSA plays a huge role in verifying our identities for employment, drivers licenses, credit, and other purposes. The more databases are linked, the more chances there are that errors will pollute our information. The more errors, the more chance we'll be denied the basic functions of life and earning a living. (And of course that's just one of a multitude of drawbacks to these One Big Database plans.)

Our Helpful Mole says, "One bad piece of information in a database anywhere and pretty soon you won't be able to do ANYTHING, and having it corrected will probably be a nightmare, too."

But remember, you should never, ever object. Because it's all to preserve Your Freedom.

(Thank you, Brave Mole.)

Posted by Claire @ 04:18 PM CST

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