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10/05/2006 Archived Entry: "New book recommendations in the Wolfesblog Amazon.com aStore"

NEW BOOK AND DVD RECOMMENDATIONS in my Amazon.com aStore. Included this week in Featured Products:

Check it out.

This week I also aimed for a better selection in Books by telling Amazon's intelligent product-selecting software to display only books associated with the key word "liberty." See if you think they did a better job than they did last week. (The aStore is a beta that lets me feature up to nine products of my own selection then chooses the rest based on its own criteria. IMHO it's a great thing that still needs a few more refinements.)

The aStore also works as a regular Amazon.com search engine. So those of you who've been kind enough to do all your Amazon.com shopping through Wolfesblog links can use the aStore to do that. Happy shopping.

Posted by Claire @ 03:41 PM CST

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