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10/05/2006 Archived Entry: "Quick thought on prepardness"

JUST A QUICK THOUGHT ON ONE SMALL ASPECT OF PREPAREDNESS. This is the season for case-lot canned-goods sales in supermarkets. Yesterday, for less than $40, I picked up enough edible-straight-from-the can goods for about three weeks of emergency eating. Not fancy eating, of course. Should the power be out here for a extended time after a nasty storm, I'm sure I'll get damned tired of vegetarian refried beans and pineapple chunks. But I'll be adequately nourished.

This is in addition to those infamous superpails of dried lentils and super-sized boxes of oatmeal from Costco, of course. It's even in addition to the canned goods (both home and storebought) still rotating onto my dinner table from last fall. But simple canned goods are a fine first-line defense -- for those days when everything is so topsy-turvy that you need to keep meals as simple as possible.

For anybody who hasn't gotten started with emergency preps -- because of budget, space, or being overwhelmed with all the possibilities and necessities -- those plain old canned goods that are so cheap right now at the local grocery store are a pretty good place to start.

Posted by Claire @ 10:16 AM CST

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