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08/08/2005 Archived Entry: "Dave Gross on Hiroshima"

IN HIS AUGUST 6 BLOG ENTRY libertarian war-tax resister Dave Gross revisits the Hiroshima bombing in a much more articulate and activist way than I managed. Knowing so much had already been said and written, he delved deep for little-known facts and links. For instance, did you know that President Truman, who ordered the bombing, claimed that Hiroshima was "a military base"? Or that Paul Tibbets, the pilot who flew the bomb to Hiroshima, prominently (and grotesquely) features a grenade-shaped "CaBoom Hot Sauce" on his website?

But Dave doesn't just address such issues as "nuclear giants and ethical infants." He brings this horrifying old event into the present perspective of the war on terrorism. He also looks at what one person can do to help prevent future atrocities. Well done, Dave.

Posted by Claire @ 09:10 AM CST

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