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11/05/2006 Archived Entry: "Book Review: Home Work"

NEED IDEAS FOR DESIGNING YOUR HOME? Blogispondent Ian here, and I've got the book for you! Or rather, your local library or bookstore has it. It's Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter, by Lloyd Kahn. I found a copy at my local library, and am really enjoying it. It's a collection of photographs of owner-built homes, and unlike some similar books it includes lots of details, descriptions, and conversations with the builders.

The buildings cover the whole spectrum of materials, sizes, and environments imaginable - from homemade camper vehicles to sprawling homestead complexes. I think everyone can find lots of good ideas for their own projects, whether you envision a traditional cabin or a manic work of LSD-inspired art. Materials run the gamut from lumber and logs to earthbags, strawbales, lightweight concrete, and stone. The work that went into some of these homes - and the results - will simply take your breath away.

The publisher has a web page set up for the book, which includes a bunch of sample pages. Check it out!

Posted by Ian @ 08:17 PM CST

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