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06/25/2004 Archived Entry: "Beat cops to access commercial databases for your personal info"

KNOW ANYBODY WHO DOESN'T THINK ITS A BIG DEAL for us to have to ID ourselves to any cop who demands it? Ask them to read and think about this. Cops are now beginning to access commercial -- not law enforcement -- databases using handheld wireless devices.

BOSTON (AP) - A police officer stops you on the street, then taps something into a device in the palm of his hand.

The next minute, he knows who your relatives are, who lives in your house, who your neighbors are, the kind of car you drive or boat you own, whether you've been sued and various other tidbits about your life.

Anybody know why Deppity Barney should be entitled to know all that about you, while officials increasingly hide everything about their own activities from We the People? Hm.

Posted by Claire @ 03:34 PM CST

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