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10/10/2003 Archived Entry: "RIAA wants ID for internet access?"

IF YOU'VE SUPPORTED THE RIAA OVER THE MUSIC PIRATES, Consider this. Glenn Reynolds -- Instapundit.com -- reports that a music industry exec told him the industry's ultimate goal is to require everyone to have a unique ID to be "allowed" to use the Internet. That qualifies as using a hydrogen bomb to kill a flea. But that's how "security" works in these weird times. More proof if anyone needs it that "every corporation (and corporate industry group) wants to be a government when it grows up."

(Later: A spokesperson for the RIAA denied this claim. Let's hope they're telling the truth. Certainly, as Debra has posted here on the blog, there are ominous noises being made for such Internet access ID numbers.)

Posted by Claire @ 09:35 AM CST

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