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09/06/2006 Archived Entry: "Make your "deadly" dog more politically correct"

DO YOU OWN A POLITICALLY INCORRECT DOG? You know, one of those breeds that's "a killing machine on a leash" or "too dangerous to be in our community"? From time to time, this label falls on different breeds: German shepherds, rottweilers, great Danes, pit bulls, mastiffs, dobermans, etc. When it does, breed bigots demand mass round-ups and slaughter of innocent animals, or at least that "those dogs" be segregated from their communities.

I have a little pit-mix who loves all human beings without reservation. But even he -- tough-looking little devil that he is -- has been reviled on the street by prejudiced people.

Well now, from Australia, comes the solution for making our beloved beasties politically correct again. Disguise your dog as a ... well, see for yourself. A picture is indeed worth 10,000 words.

Posted by Claire @ 09:20 AM CST

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