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06/05/2004 Archived Entry: "Ronald Reagan is dead"

RONALD REAGAN IS DEAD. He grew the government and boosted the drug war into high gear -- an act that goes on poisoning our culture and destroying our freedoms to this day. He never did any major downsizing of government or got rid of a single cabinet-level department. Even his great scheme of supply-side economics had increasing government revenues as its goal. Yet while aiming to increase revenue, he also ushered in the era of the mega-deficit. (A trend that was ended, of course, by "liberal" Clinton and now taken up again in even grander style by the "conservative" GWB. And if you need a perfect illustration of why terms like liberal and conservative and right and left and R and D are meaningless, there it surely is.)

I've never understood why conservatives regard the Great Statist Reagan as a hero. But he spoke some powerfully inspiring words, even if he didn't govern by them. And compared to what we have now, he looks positively libertarian.

Posted by Claire @ 05:08 PM CST

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