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01/09/2006 Archived Entry: "Federal crime to "annoy" somebody"

SEE WHAT I MEAN about gov-o-crats and their blind followers not merely being evil, but insane???

And, by the way, very, very, very, very annoying.

Sheesh, imagine the mega-corps that are going to attempt to use this law to get their pals in fed-land to crush sites like Best Buy Sucks and Hel-Mart.com. Imagine the incredibly annoying idiots who'll try to get somewhat less annoying idiots arrested on federal charges. And worse -- imagine the politically correct annoying idiots (e.g. gender feminists and other victimhood addicts) who'll succeed in using this law against anyone who gives them the vapors.

Would any third-world dictatorship like one rather over-used government? Please?

Posted by Claire @ 08:54 PM CST

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