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01/05/2004 Archived Entry: "The Hanover Street Shoeshine Boys"


I was whistling a tune, and there was a noticeable spring in my step, as I flung open the door to the bank, and swaggered up to the teller. She counted out my $97.32 with the precision of a machine, and then with a wink offered me the customary loli-pop usually reserved for the children of customers (which I must admit took a bit of the swagger from my gait). Still though, I had my hard-earned money, and it was good.

So out the door I went. After only three steps, or maybe four, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to face a man with a gun in his hand. Behind him, were dozens more. Street toughs from the look of ‘em.

“Can I help you?” I asked, doing my best to look menacing. “You sure can” he said with a smile and a flourish. To my amazement, he turned to his associate and barked “Shine his shoes Mickey”.

At that point a little rat-faced fella with a wooden box and a brush scampered up, and plopped himself unceremoniously at my feet. I simply stared at him. He returned my gaze with expectation, and after awhile he complained, “I can’t shine your shoes if you don’t put your foot on the box”.

“But… but, I don’t want a shoe-shine” I protested, “I’m wearing sneakers”.

“It don’t really matter what you want” he shot back. “We had a vote, and decided that everybody needs a shoe-shine”.

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