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05/03/2006 Archived Entry: "Mexico to "go sane" on possession of recreational drugs"

FUNNY HOW QUIET THE NORMALLY HYSTERICAL U.S. drug warriors are being about this sudden burst of sanity on the part of Mexico. Whassup with that? When Canada made itty-bitty noises about lightening up on pot, the fedgov acted as if it intended to invade and crush the Evil Iceborne Resistance and all of its Drug-Crazed Rebels. Now Mexico plans to say that even heroin possession (in small amounts) is nobody's business. And not a word out of Washington. Strange, strange, strange.

But good on you, Mexico. How 'bout that? A government in this day and age recognizing that individuals can still have private business and maybe even a tad bit of self-ownership.

Keep this up and the "flood of illegals" will some day be headed in the other direction.

Posted by Claire @ 01:57 PM CST

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