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02/07/2005 Archived Entry: "Lightning's Blog -- "The Tragedy of History""

I'VE BEEN WANTING TO PUBLICIZE LIGHTNING'S NEW BLOG, The Freedom Outlaw, for a month. It's one of the best new blogs coming around, and Lightning is the young woman I spoke of a while back whose name I think the libertarian world will someday know. But Lightning tells me it's too early. Don't write about her blog yet.

And then the woman goes and posts an entry so tragically beautiful that ... well, sorry Lightning, but you can't expect to get away with hiding a piece of writing like this.

Anyway, she dropped a note about it at TCF asking for a critique. So I'm guessing she won't mind too much if I bring the word over here. The Freedom Outlaw is a blog to watch and someday I expect Lightning's name to be up there with Wendy McElroy or Nancy Lord or Mary Lou Seymour, or perhaps even higher among freedom-loving ladies.

Posted by Claire @ 11:36 PM CST

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