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06/12/2005 Archived Entry: "Liberty Watch article on Vin, The Black Arrow, and Laissez Faire Books"

JUST RECEIVED A SNAILED COPY OF LIBERTY WATCH, a new libertarian magazine out of Nevada. On its cover, Volume 1, Issue 3 features a photo of a wind-blown Vin Suprynowicz with a pair of shooting "ears" resting around his neck. "Backfire," says the teaser, in 72-point type, "Laissez Faire Books refused to carry Vin Syprynowicz's novel, a decision that proved a pleasant boost for sales. Vin talks about the controversy, the R-J and The Black Arrow."

Inside, a six-page spread (wow!) balances between discussion of the controversy and (even more interesting to me) Vin's writing techniques. Indeed, it does seem as if LFB shot itself in the foot by refusing to carry Vin's novel due to its sexual content. And didn't hurt Vin or his work one bit. LFB certainly has a right to carry or not carry whatever it chooses, but the decision to exclude The Black Arow (and the knowledge that the new management probably would have excluded The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged because of their sex scenes) is still mind-boggling.

Good article. Good magazine, for that matter -- tres slick and obviously supported by some heavy-duty advertisers. It has the upscale look of an alternative city 'zine, including restaurant and wine reviews and news and entertainment all focused on Nevada, and especially Las Vegas. But the main thrust is just what the title implies -- guarding liberty.

I don't find an online edition, but for $36 you get the monthly print 'zine plus a weekly e-mailed version. Liberty Watch, 3111 S. Valley View Blvd., Suite B-109, Las Vegas, NV 89117.

Posted by Claire @ 01:16 PM CST

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