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09/03/2005 Archived Entry: "Laissez Fair?"

OKAY, YOU FIGURE IT OUT. Why would Lassez Faire Books carry Enemies Foreign and Domestic while refusing to carry The Black Arrow???

Nothing at all against Matt Bracken, who wrote a very worthy, if flawed, political thriller. But Vin Suprynowicz's Black Arrow is a professional's novel, a larger-than-life celebration of rock & roll, sex, innovative weaponry, tactics, love, Irish warrior women, and freedom. Embrace the one, and reject the other? Don' make no sense to me. Didn't make any to SJ, either, who had harsher words than mine when he discovered it.

UPDATE: I just learned from Aaron Zelman that LFB has also apparently chosen not to order RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone even at a deep discount price. Hm. LFB rejected The Black Arrow because it had S-E-X in it. Aaron and I hardly even mention S-E-X in our novel. Gotta wonder why we didn't make the LFB grade, either, when a couple years ago they featured one of my books as hot pick of the month or some such.

Hey, Vin. I guess next time we'd both better have our characters sit around a university office all day, discussing Austrian economics and the ethics of privatizing garbage collection in Zimbabwe. Then we'll be really relevant.

Posted by Claire @ 02:02 PM CST

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