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08/09/2005 Archived Entry: "RFID world distance record"

RFID CHIPS CAN'T BE READ AT A DISTANCE the purveyors of this privacy-destroying technology continually assure us. Well, so long as 69 FEET isn't "distance" they are correct, for now.

Some clever fellows at this year's DEFCON grafted some homebrew electronics to antennae and a commercial RFID reader and demonstrated reading information from a passive RFID bug 69 feet away. You can see pictures of their rig here.

This distance will only increase as technology gets better and cheaper, and the rewards from spying and stealing via RFIDs grow. Something that will never improve are clueless government morons attempting to force-feed this technology via government grants, bribes, and threats. Thanks to Katherine Albrecht and her CASPIAN site spychips.com for documenting the GSA plot.

Silver (who needs to get off this roll and back to work)

Posted by Silver @ 11:25 AM CST

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