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08/09/2005 Archived Entry: "A little less talk"

Raving Reporter Thunder here. The freedom community in general is starting to get a bit antsy. Both Lightning and I are feeling it and seeing it in others. We both think that it’s a reaction to what we perceive to be encroachment on each of our personal spaces. With an illegal (read: unconstitutional) and unjust invasion of another country and the subsequent confiscation of personal liberties that comes hand-in-hand with the warfare state, those of us that value our freedom and liberties take it personally. And why shouldn’t we? All freedom is personal. It’s all about the individual and always has been, no matter what ‘they’ try to tell you about the ‘common good’.

Problem is what are YOU going to do about it? Are you going to be snippy and take it out on others? Are you going to castigate those that don’t fall in line 100% with your line of reasoning? Are you going to take out your frustration with TPTB on those closest to you: your family, your friends, or other freedom lovers?

Or are you going to do something constructive about it?

Unfortunately, I have to say I’m a bit guilty of taking my frustration out on the very people I shouldn’t be as far as friendships go. I’ve seen others on TCF do the same thing as I have. While I can only speak for myself, I would ask others to understand what is driving the irritability that seems to be cropping up and not take it personally. We all need to focus on what we CAN do rather than what we can’t. For those that are irritated by these encroachments, I offer the following suggestions to properly direct that stress into a positive direction that helps, not hurts the freedom community in general.

Don’t own a gun? Buy one and learn how to use it. Nothing says ‘individual’ like being able to defend your freedom.

Plant a garden. Don’t have the land? Look into container gardening and sow what you reap on your windowsill.

Learn a new skill. Knowledge is powerful stuff. Do what other TCFers are learning to do: re-upholster a chair, learn to weld, install a new bath tub and tile, learn to cook, learn plumbing or electrical skills at the local big box store, etc.

Exercise. Stress can make you a bit softer around the middle, especially when you aren’t as active as you should be in the first place. And you want to talk about stress? Try being tubby and slow when the SHTF and you aren’t as agile as you should/need to be.

Build a wind generator. Not only will you have a cool project to focus your attention on for a bit, you’ll end up with something that will reduce your electric bill and reliance on grid power.

Buy gold.

Go camping and do it only with what you can carry with you. Lugging that backpack around is good exercise and the peacefulness you’ll find in the outdoors may help you get back on track mentally. Even if it is just in your backyard.

It’s impossible for me to list every possible thing or activity there is out there to do. Claire has mentioned quite a few things in her books. The gang over at TCF are also full of ideas in the Gulching/Self-sufficiency forum. The internet is just chock full of info; just Google to your heart's content. The point is that, instead of bitching and whining about how our freedoms are being taken away or taking our frustrations out on our allies, get out there and DO something for YOUR freedom.

To quote a popular country song from a few years back: “We need a little less talk and a lot more action.”

Posted by Thunder @ 10:37 AM CST

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