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08/09/2005 Archived Entry: "E-plates -- the latest gadget for ending travel privacy"

THE LATEST GADGET FOR ENDING TRAVEL PRIVACY is the RFID-chipped e-plate, a license plate for your vehicle that reports your activities to every government or private reader capable of "pinging" it. And lest you think this bare-bones site is just some hopeful entrepreneur fishing in the future, our oh-so-progressive Big Brothers, the Brits, are already planning implementation.

But fear not! It's in One of the Standard Good Causes:

Proponents argue that making such RFID tags mandatory and ubiquitous is a logical move to counter the threat of terrorists using the roadways, and that it will scoop up insurance and registration scofflaws in the process.

So "scooping up" us common scofflaws is only a side-effect, eh? (And one which must not be emphasized too heavily, lest the rest of the common folk start feeling a little intruded upon.) Well, well. The roadways must really be swarming with terrorists then. But Magical Technology will solve all!

Okay, you guys developing the RFID jammers and zappers. Get to work now.

Both items courtesy of Richard M. Smith.

Posted by Claire @ 09:33 AM CST

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