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08/09/2005 Archived Entry: "CALEA expanded"

THE LARGEST EAVESDROPPING NETWORK ON PLANET EARTH is growing even larger. I'm referring to the US telecommunications network, which was transformed by the sinister CALEA legislation into a tool of big brother. Now, in a move that surprises no one, the FCC has ruled that backdoors must be installed into broadband equipment so as to make snooping more convenient for our masters. This comes despite the specific exemption of broadband communications equipment in the original legislation. The FBI gets to dictate design details of the internet, cable, and fiber systems. Goodbye innovation, privacy, security, and constant improvement. Hello new methods for crime, hacking, and clueless morons dictating technical designs for products that they can't begin to understand.

Read it and weep at the EFF Website and an ounce of silver (actually, it's paypal equivalent in FRNs) to Spyware Info, a nifty free newsletter about spyware and related privacy threats alerted me to this latest outrage.


Posted by Silver @ 09:30 AM CST

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