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03/15/2003 Archived Entry: "Losing my Bloginity"

LOSING MY BLOGINITY. Well, this is it. The first real and official entry in Wolfesblog. For a long time, I didn't get why blogging is so popular. I mean, the typical blog is about as fascinating as your Aunt Violet's 30-year-old slides of her vacation in Cleveland ("And after I took that one, your Uncle Henry noticed that his fly was open, ha ha ha.")

Most blogs are for the benefit of the bloggers' egos.

Why blog then? Because a blog is a perfect form of Web site for writers and readers on the go. And because some blogs, like Glenn Harlan Reynolds' InstaPundit.com and Eugene Volkh's The Volokh Conspiracy have risen far above the genre. The best blogs have become a lightning network for news and the conscience of the Internet. Considering that, I'm just a little late entering the blogosphere.

Visitors who remember my old Wolfe's Lodge -- that glorious and complex site -- will find Clairewolfe.com a different animal. Not as big an animal, for sure, but fast, sleek, graceful, and lively (if I do my job right). I hope I can make this blog both informative and fun for visitors.

And, trust me, I have no plans to go to Cleveland.

Posted by Claire @ 08:15 PM CST

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